Pasul necrutator, taina muzeului sfant , carisma reusitei in prag de liliac inflorit, cutremura gandul. Constient, traversam  furii interesant de autohtone. Furtuna din suflet, palida, ca linistea de afara, incropea analgezicul neuronilor albi.

 I flew commercially and took a cab to my destination: Spindrift Inn on Cannery Row in Monterey. I love the penthouse, my refuge for the next few days… the only place where Pacific Ocean makes sense.

 Descult. Alergam inspre trecutul viitorului meu, oaza desertului arid, eterna. Seva iubirii, m-alinta perpetuu, zambindu-mi adanc.

 Yellow flowery dress, the kind of freshness Gods dreamt of….on a whim, I asked her the meaning of love…I turned around, following her pointed fingers as the waves were hitting the beach in lover’s rhythm…

 We always knew….