mai 2008

Ultimul meci amical inainte de euro…


Am plecat la meci, sper sa-i terminam azi 🙂

Astazi de la 17:30 PST va avea loc meciul al 3-lea, Lakers conducand seria cu 2-0. Palmaresul este (cu meciurile din play-offs in paranteza) in LA 42-24 (19-8 ) in SA 25-41 (13-9) Total: 67-65 (32-17).

Bafta Lakers!

In numele si spiritul asului de caro va invit la o noua aventura literara.  Scrieti cea ma interesanta povestioara in cel mult 169 de cuvinte cu titlul de mai sus si veti castiga premiul reportat.  „Mititelu” este unicul cuvant obligatoriu.


In spiritul asului de caro organizez un nou concurs cu premii! De data aceasta premiul este fix. Pentru castigator voi comenta personal un meci de la Campionatul European la restaurantul Champions din Bucuresti.  Vreau raspunsuri corecte la urmatoarele intrebari:

1. Cine va intra in posesia trofeului?

2. Autorul primului gol.

3. Autorul pasei golului doi.

4. Cine va incasa primul galben?


Award winning comedian George Carlin will perform two incredible back to back shows at the Grove of Anaheim on Sunday, May 18th. For 50 years Carlin, a revolutionary stand-up comedian on social commentary, has used his razor-sharp humor to reveal the hypocritical reality of peoples’ actions and words. Refreshingly forthright, Carlin cogently makes points that few in his audience would dare to think much less express. He is distinguished by his subject matter, unique viewpoints, and his “in your face” delivery.

A comedian and actor Carlin has performed in13 HBO specials. He has been awarded three Emmy nominations, six CableACE award wins, and two additional Emmy nominations in the early ‘90’s, from his performance as Mister Conductor in 45 episodes of the critically acclaimed PBS children’s show, “Shining Time Station.” Carlin has also appeared in 13 feature films including theKevin Smith movie Jersey Girl and the Oscar nominated animated feature Cars. His 14th and latest HBO Special entitled It’s Bad For Ya aired lived from Santa Rosa, California on March 1st.

Also in recent years, Carlin has become a New York Times Best Selling Author with his three books When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, Napalm & Silly Putty, and Brain Droppings. And in September 2007 Carlin and MPI Home video released the ultimate 14-DVD box set George Carlin: All My Stuff.

A man with renowned talent and a full schedule Carlin still manages to connect with his fans at 90 nationwide performances; selling nearly a quarter of a million tickets.

It’s a full plate of salty wit served back to back by one of the world’s most provocative comedians!

Doi comedieni, fata in fata…unul plateste si asculta, celalalt incanta zambind spre banca…

A inceput finala cupei UEFA la Manchester…

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